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  • Aaron


    More than years of experience in the development or management of consumer electronic product projects in large and medium-sized enterprises, with a certain understanding of power tool, garden tool, electronics, battery wireless charging technology product development and molds;
    Proficient in project management, have a deep understanding of the scope of project management, can master and use project work decomposition skills, and can identify project risks;
    Possess good planning control, communication and coordination skills, and foreign language skills.

  • Felix


    Engaged in the power supply industry for many years, with senior work experience, proficient in various drawing software. Familiar with the application and cost control of various ICs and electronic devices. Independent research and development of many mobile power supplies on the market to assist in the design of multiple ICs
    Carry out hardware circuit development and certification of new electronic products, review the feasibility of product electronics; 2. Feasibility and operability of implementing new product electronic design; 3. Comprehensive technical elaboration of the designed products, provide DFMEA, spec, Test report and other data; 4. According to the project development progress, all documents in the product electronic design output are output on time to ensure timely, effective, and accurate; 5. Responsible for the development, proofing, certification of electronic materials, arrange sample production, testing and Tracking; 6. Follow up the research and development of new project trial production and solve the electronic problems arising in trial production.